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Artificial intelligence or AI is an advanced branch of computer science that deals with developing smart machines that are capable of performing human tasks using human intelligence.

AI is a form of science that has various approaches. The sector of the tech industry has a paradigm shift due to the advancements in machine learning

Artificial intelligence is a department of computer science that has made revolutionary developments in modern software and is expected to become a significant component in the tech industry in the coming decades.

AI is expected to be used in all cyber operations, and machines will be substitutes for humans to perform tasks of humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a section of computer science that focuses on the development of machines. The artificial intelligence machines are designed to act like humans and perform duties instead of humans.

Machines with artificial intelligence can perform activities like 

  • Recognition of speech
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Solving of problems
  • Ability to move the objects
  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge

AI intelligence is expected to take over the world in the future. Robots and machines are expected to replace humans in the future, and they would be making the life of humans a lot easier than before.

Planning and learning done by the machines will make humans make decisions in a better way. The machine based on the data stored in them will be able to provide the perfect reasoning of decisions they are supporting.

Vast knowledge would help solve the problems of humans in a better way. The robots will be able to move objects and recognize human speech.

History of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial beings first came into existence during the ancient Greek times. Aristotle developed syllogism and the reasoning and philosophy to learn and understand human intelligence. The roots of Artificial Intelligence go long back, but the real history of artificial intelligence spans centuries back.

The modern AI was developed, and a step was taken ahead in 1955, and Simon designed the logic Theorist, and it was officially considered as the first-ever AI modern development.

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How does Artificial Intelligence work?

The artificial intelligence work by gathering and combining data that allows the software to have an automatically learning of patterns from the data. The study of AI is a broad study, and various methods and technologies are used. It uses the process of machine learning and mimics human intelligence. The machines and computers use algorithms and data to respond to actions and act like humans. The propensity model is created, and historical data is used to make the machines learn and act like humans.

Understanding three basic AI concepts

If you want to understand the basic idea of AI, you must know about the basic three concepts of AI. Machine learning, neural networks, and deep learning are the three concepts of AI. Let’s get to know more about them.

Machine Learning

You might have encountered this form of AI in your daily life.

If you are familiar with Gmail and have an email account, you must have noticed the feature of email filtering. This is one of the everyday use and application of machine learning in our daily life.

If you use a Smartphone, you probably use Siri, Cortana, and Bixby. If you have an expensive and new technology car, you must have noticed that there is a driver assist feature. That feature is also a part of the applications of machine learning in your life.

The software products are helpful, but they can’t think out of their code. They cannot learn independently and are restricted to the data they have included in their system.

Machine learning gives AI the ability to perform duties without preexisting codes. In simple words, the machines are made used to different similar examples of a task, and when they go through these trials, again and again, they end up achieving the goal and adapt the strategy well.

The machine which is used for image recognition is given millions of images to analyze, and as a result, it becomes familiar with recognizing a face, sizes, and shapes.

Deep Learning

How does a machine learn to learn multiple tasks? The scientists from algorithms for general-purpose learning and this enables the machines to learn more than one task.

Examples of deep learning include C++ and Python. The languages help the machine to learn multiple tasks at a time.

These applications are primarily used in developing games where the robots in the game compete with humans. They fight like a real human and make the game a lot more interesting.

Neural networks

Artificial neural networks make deep learning possible by imitating the brain cells of humans. The neural networks are inspired by the things humans discover in real life.

Human biology is used to encourage neural networks. Codes build the neurons, and the machines can work like humans.

The information and data are fed into layers, and the machines can imitate humans in that way.

Reason of requirement

As artificial intelligence is gaining a lot of importance, the reasons to know and learn more about it has become a necessity. There are a lot of services given based on AI, and you will be surprised to know that many industries have invested around 1.9 billion on it as of 2016. We don’t think that the popularity is going down anytime soon though so let’s look at some crucial things below:

Better career opportunities

Due to a lot of importance of AI in every industry, many people are aspiring to make it a career for them. Better chance means more money, and that is what the youth always hopes for.

Is it, cybersecurity, face recognition, or the medical industry all require AI. Netflix has also announced to invest money worth millions for a unique algorithm based on it.

With companies like Netflix and other similar companies, It has a bright future ahead in the entertainment industry.

The importance of AI can’t be denied in the case of the Health care industry as well. The records for patients, medications, and hospitals can be well maintained using AI, and you won’t require much of people to do this task.

The health sector can perform in a lot better way with the use of AI technology.

Mobile Applications

The mobile phone is not restricted to calls or texts anymore as there are many apps introduced for the people.

The Siri app and Google now, which are highly popular among people, are using this technology to give out their services to people. Apps are able to understand the human language and give assistance to human beings in a better way.

Fraud Detection

The detection of fraud in online banking can be taken care of effectively using AI.

Nowadays, a lot of people withdraw and send money through online banking, and if someone tries the card theft or anything, he/she will be caught.

There is an introduction to digital wallets, and many people are using it for financial transactions. With the help of digital transactions, people are able to make their payments more convenient. Payments can even be done from home and you don’t have to go anywhere outside.

Online customer support

People cannot spend 24 hours sitting and giving customer care support to customers.

The introduction of chatbots that are working due to artificial intelligence can interact with the customers and solve their problems. The chatbots sometimes give assistance even better a human can do. They are machines but they talk and speak like humans. It is hard to judge whether you are talking to a human or a robot.

Link to data science

This Technology is based on data science, and if a person is interested in learning the machine-related things, they can opt for both engineering and data science job. If you gain enough knowledge, you will be successful in both the fields and can effectively come up with precise results.

Future & Scope with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made life easy for humans, and the machines are doing the tasks effectively. The future of it is brighter than ever and now we will discuss what the future scope of this dynamic technology is

International Politics

All the major organizations in a country want to protect their national interests and keep trade and defense intact.

China has recently been very active in the development of this technology and has been exporting goods and services which are formed from the basis of AI research.

Automation in handling business

All the companies and entrepreneurs are now aware of the advantages and disadvantages they can gain from using this technology. They are working towards it in such a way which can make them bring the best out of it.

Some brand owners are using engines of technology based on it to market their products in a better way.

In the financial methods, thousands of transactions can be made in an instant using it, and the results are accurate and not dependent on humans or their errors. The manufacturing and break down of machinery are also dependent on it.

The future of HR and other decisions involving logistics will highly depend on this technology in the upcoming years as well.

Affective assistants

You must be aware of the assistants on Google, Alexa, as they are carrying out the tasks of humans in their way. They are the voice assistants who are there 24/7 and helping people out to do research on the internet and come up with excellent and comprehensive search results.

The algorithms are being worked on continuously and updated regularly so people can find the best of results. When humans are involved in work, there are chances that an error may occur, but these robotics are developed in such a way that there is no chance of inaccurate results.

Transparency through the technology

A lot of companies and organizations are dealing with the data through this technology, and the results are transparent, error-free, and precise. The platform of this technology is being developed more intensely to satisfy the needs of every industry.

Language processing and image recognition are also being done quite effectively with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

Increase in job opportunities

The popularity of Artificial Intelligence has increased job opportunities for many people. The handling of AI requires a lot of people, and there is a need to continuously come up with things through which the technology can be updated at regular intervals.

Music and movie recommendations

People love to listen to music and watch their favorite movies, and while searching for their favorite ones, wouldn’t it be exciting to get some suggestions?

You will be surprised that even retailers and brand owners are also using this technology to promote their products and services to a broader scale of audience.


The importance of AI keeps increasing as each year passes, and it has now become a necessity for many industries as well. Keeping up with this ever-growing technology is our need, so the youth needs to have a better understanding of it.

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